Grocery Shopping Services

Hate grocery shopping? Find yourself without enough time to adequately shop for yourself or your family? Let Bistro at Home do it for you…without the fuss! Below you will find a list of our Grocery Shopping Fees and Services but, if you would prefer your meals fully prepared for you, check out our Meal Planning Service!

What it Costs:

Standard Rates
$20 standard shopping fee plus 10% of total bill
+$5 per additional store

Delivery Fee
$10 in town delivery fee
$20 out of town delivery fee

How it works:

1. Discover/Install the Google app “Keep” to prepare for your future grocery lists for your Chef/Shopper
2. We arrange an appropriate time for delivery.
3. We discuss which stores are appropriate and which brands you prefer.
4. We discuss reimbursement and payment options.
5. We do the shopping while you sit back and relax.
6. We deliver according to our prearranged date and time (Food Prep/Meal Planning Clients get delivery priority)
7. You reimburse us for the groceries, pay the shopping fees and we schedule the next round of service!

Optional Add-on:

Prep Chef Services
Kitchen prep work including knife work, washing, trimming, and portioning Client’s pre-purchased items. For example, this would include any chop work for fruit or vegetables, searing and/or grilling meats or vegetables, boiling pasta, grains or starches.

$65 per day (up to 3 hours)
+$15 per each additional hour